Dear Lynn, Many congratulations on all that you have achieved to date. Keep up the good work! I wish you the best of luck with The Magical Scarecrows.
With best wishes Jeffrey Archer

These enchanting stories capture a timeless, universal truth that supports the inherent goodness associated with being kind.
Gillian Rumpf, The Leukaemia Foundation

Imagine! A magical scarecrow being airlifted to the fire station by wild birds in order to save the animals and the forest!! You’re going to love this Lynn Santer kid’s thriller!! (It’s for us grown up kids as well!!!) I love, love, LOVE these stories!!!
Tippi Hedren

The Magical Scarecrows opens the hidden gate to a charming world where everything comes to life, even the fire; a world where the brave hearts and clever minds of two Scarecrows and their animal friends face real dangers, real fears, and find real ways to deal with them. Embodying every child’s feelings of both isolation and specialness, of being slightly out-of-place and misunderstood in the grown-up world, The Magical Scarecrows shows children how to look at situations with a different perspective, how to combine their talents with other people’s, and how to face challenges with hope, determination, and imagination.

The child in all of us will recognize the loneliness of each Scarecrow, thinking they’re the only one of their kind. The spiritual in each of us will recognize the bond of friendship among the Scarecrows and animals that spans the globe with hope.
Pamela Jaye Smith, story consultant, award-winning filmmaker

I only wish that Auntie Lynn had been around when I was a kid. I would have grown up with a real respect for old clothes and straw. Little did I know I’d throw away what could have been so many magical friends! I’m sure children, (of all ages) will enjoy these lovely tales; and what a wonderful thing for Auntie Lynn to do; anyone who can put a book, at no cost, into the hands of a sick child is someone pretty special. Enjoy.
Barry Crocker, Order of Australia