The Magical Scarecrows’ Thoughts and Affirmations: for children

The Magical Scarecrows ™ were originally conceived by best-selling novelist and biographer, Lynn Santer, when she was only nine years old. She rewrote the stories for her sister’s children over 20 years later, becoming “Auntie Lynn” to Joshua and Lachlan, her two nephews. Early in 2007, purely as a philanthropic gesture to give back to the societies who have so warmly embraced her adult thrillers and authorized biographies, Lynn elected to have her children’s stories professionally illustrated, edited and produced to give away to charities. The concept exploded so rapidly it became necessary to open a commercial arm to support the philanthropic side of the operation. “Auntie Lynn’s” celebrity friends enthusiastically endorsed the stories, many recording readings of individual chapters for DVD sales. Today the Magical Scarecrows products have expanded to include an ever-increasing range of merchandise and free games to stimulate children’s minds at: As part of her Magical Scarecrows “Kids Who Read Succeed” program (nominated for the 2008 Pride of Australia Medal) Auntie Lynn also conceived The Magical Scarecrows STARS WITH HEARTS International Celebrity T-Shirt Relay. Almost immediately a galaxy of international superstars enthusiastically jumped on board, among them Jackie Chan, Hugh Jackman, Priscilla Presley, and many, many more.

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