The Magical Scarecrows Garden Chapter Two COOL POTATO [PAL]

The Magical Scarecrows Garden “Cool Potato” read by Australian Idol Cosima de Vito.

Croowz, the Australian Magical Scarecrow, is the second Magical Scarecrow around the world to call to Mother Earth asking her to explain why so few of the healthy fruits and vegetables that are protected by scarecrows around the world are being eaten by children today.  In reply Mother Earth breathes life into one of the potatoes in Croowz’s field to explain the nutritional value of his kind.  A little rough around the edges, Cool Potato enlists the help of a passing owl to take him into town where he hopes to explain to Croowz how potatoes can be prepared to be delicious as well as nutritious… but… soon Cool Potato’s worst nightmare happens.  He finds himself captured by the kitchen hand in a fast food outlet where they plan to peel and fry him before his important lessons can be taught to Croowz. It’s going to take some really fast thinking to save him from a terrible fate.

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