The Magical Scarecrows First Story Book

The Magical Scarecrows First Story Book is an introduction to the world of The Magical Scarecrows. Magical Scarecrows have been brought to life all over the world but none know of the existence of each other. The English and Aussie Magical Scarecrows are particularly sad in thinking they are all alone. When their animal friends discover this they begin a search that spans the globe. With Christmas approaching a very special surprise is in store for these wondrous magical beings. Designed for children 3 years and up these delightful adventure tales are a first glimpse at an enchanted earth were the only bounds are imagination… and imagination is boundless. All Magical Scarecrows products are designed to enhance learning and encourage questions. Every product supports the “Kids Who Read Succeed” ™ program that puts books into the hands of needy children all over the world FREE to help with the vital skill of literacy.

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