The Magical Scarecrows – Book Two: By Auntie Lynn

Book Two opens in a burst of excitement as friends of Croowz tell him of the existence of Race C Rows, another Magical Scarecrow at the opposite end of the earth. His furry and feathered pals even have a plan to get these two Magical Scarecrows together, but before the plan can be activated Croowz discovers a group of boys from the nearby town are planning something diabolical. Meanwhile Race C Rows has challenges of his own. With Christmas nearing he has a special duty to perform if Santa Claus is to be able to deliver presents to all the boys and girls in his village. Just as he begins to prepare, Race C learns that he is to be taken into the Town Hall and used as a prop in the Christmas pantomime. Once he is shut away there will be no getting out to perform his special duty for Santa, and Christmas could be ruined. Only with the help of animal friends can Race C stand a chance of succeeding, however the mean magpies hear about Race C’s plight and set in motion a plan of their own.

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