The Magical Scarecrows – Book One: By Auntie Lynn

Breathed to life by Mother Earth to care for her planet and all life on it, Croowz (The Australian Magical Scarecrow) and Race C Rows (the English Magical Scarecrow) embark on a series of daring adventures to rescue their animal friends from bushfires, fireworks night, slithering snakes, and thieving magpies. Testing the limits of their endurance and resources they learn we are only bound by our imaginations and our imaginations are boundless. Hiding their secret sadness the Magical Scarecrows gladly care for all their animal friends, while each believes they are the only ones of their kind on earth. When migratory bird friends learn of their plight they begin a quest to find their straw-filled saviors another living scarecrow but from opposite sides of the world how might these two marvelous magical beings ever be able to meet?

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