Behind the Mask-A Magical Scarecrow’s Purim Adventure

Following on from “The Israeli Magical Scarecrow’s Chanukah Adventure”, Jaffa, the Israeli Magical Scarecrow, and his friend Moshe the mule decide to join in the Purim festivities. Jaffa sets about making a mask so none of the grown ups will discover his true – secret – identity and heads towards the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem.

As the story of Purim is gradually revealed, Jaffa decides to take some hamantaschen out for his friend, Moshe. A suspicious member of the congregation spots what he thinks is someone stealing the children’s Purim treats and follows Jaffa demanding to know his true identity. If Jaffa is forced to remove his mask the secret he has promised to keep will be exposed threatening to end the special mission Jaffa, and other Magical Scarecrows around the world, have sworn to carry out. Can Rabbi Yisrael and the great power that brought Jaffa to life do something in time to save the day?

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