Magical Scarecrows Visit Argentina

The Magical Scarecrows visit Argentina!!! How groovy is this? A 4am Skype conference with over 70 Argentinean (Jewish) students who had been studying my Magical Scarecrows as a class project (it was 3pm in Argentina). Truly a thrill for me. The sound is a bit out of sync but it’s a wonderful record in any event.

Comments about the Argentina visit:

I felt very interested in the moment Lynn told us how she reacted when she finished a book. I was really keen on the honesty she was speaking with and confessed she felt sad.


What I liked most was the part that she told us about Australia. I didn’t know anything and then I learned lots of things.


I liked the moment when Lynn talked about that If we want to become writers we had to follow our hearts.

Juan Manuel

What I liked was that we could talk about things and ask the writer and even if it was not in person, I liked it


Talking with Lynn Santer I learned that you can start your career as a kid if you want it, as did the famous author of “the magical scarecrows”


What surprise me about the talk was that I understand more than I thought i was going to understand and I was really surprised when she told us how she became a writer


I got surprised when Lynn said that you have to do what your heart says


The thing I loved the most of this interview is that she encouraged us to be writers , and she said a lot of motivating stuff , and she woke up at 4 o clock in the morning . That is great because she wanted to talk to us . And she does a lot of charity.

Ari B.

I really liked talking with Auntie Lynn because she’s such a good writer and i learned a lot about Australia. I hope we can talk with her again.


Talking with Lynn was a really nice experience, she told us tips to be a writer and many other interesting things, like what’s life in Australia like.


It was great, I’ve never talked with anyone from other country on skype. An excelent experience!


For me the best part of the chat was when lynn started to reply the questions because I wanted to know how she wrote the book


I had a great time with Lynn Santer because I had never talked to an Australian writer in skype before.I can understand her English very well except from some questions.It was a little strange talking to her in skype.I think she is a good person because she helps poor people. She should have been very asleep because in Australia , it was 4 o clock in the morning.