The Magical Scarecrows: a magical story…

Once upon a time a nine year old girl had a dream of becoming an author. She wrote her first story ‘The Magical Scarecrow’ and sent it to a publisher. The publisher told her that her style was good but the content not long enough. Twenty-five years later, with her first best-seller under her belt, the little girl rewrote her first story for her sister’s children. As those children grew and shared their aunt’s story with other children the expanded Magical Scarecrows stories by Auntie Lynn were suddenly in hot demand. But rather than make these a commercial offering, Auntie Lynn decided she would have the stories professionally illustrated, edited, and produced to give away for free to needy children to help with the vital skill of literacy in a program that has become known as The Magical Scarecrows KIDS WHO READ SUCCEED program. The concept was so successful that it almost sent Auntie Lynn to the bankruptcy courts when she fulfilled requests coming in from orphanages in Bali, missions in India, schools in Zimbabwe, Aborigine reading programs in Australia, and many more.

Seeking help from her celebrity friends THE STARS READ THE SCARECROWS was born, a commercial line of DVDs where Auntie Lynn’s stories are read by such superstars as Leo Sayer, Tippi Hedren, and Australia’s entertainment legend Barry Crocker. But that’s not all!