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Melting Love Moments

Suzette felt incredibly lonely. Although she was a stunningly beautiful part time model and perfume sales assistant, her life felt empty. Ten years in the same job had left her jaded and exhausted with her work.

One day, in a flash of inspiration, Suzette decides to visit a fortune-teller. Learning that her destiny lies in Paris, Suzette throws caution to the winds and abandons all that is familiar to her, determined to get to France.

Full of romance and betrayal Suzette’s new life is an unending stream of socialites, millionaires, politicians and couture fashion’s biggest names. Yet amidst all of the distractions and glamour Suzette must struggle to fulfill her destiny and find love.

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978-1-62516-621-0-LPickeringCoverLove, Danger, and Secrets

Filled with erotic passion, romance, lies, and betrayal, Love, Danger, and Secrets pulls out all the stops. This provocative spy game masquerade crosses three continents with its assassins, intrigue, mystery, and erotica.

Travel writer Veronica is engaged to Darren, the British Minister for Foreign Affairs. An international conspiracy comes to light after an MI6 spy is killed. Darren recruits Veronica to deliver a flash drive to his friend Sean in America, who works for the CIA. The two become targeted by CIA moles and are now on the run. Their only hope lies in Moscow with Sean’s friend Mikhail, a KGB agent. Veronica enters a love triangle with two spies and experiences erotica for the first time. It seems undercover agents are also active under the covers.

With lives at stake and everyone turning on each other, who can Veronica trust? Love, Danger, and Secrets rushes to a thrilling climax you will never expect.

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978-1-62857-333-6-LPickeringCoverJames and the Naughty Seagull

First Book in Children’s
Seagull Series Takes Flight

This wonderful children’s book series about a bear and a bird was written and illustrated by Lynne Pickering, who says, “It was enjoyable to paint this cute little shaggy bear and his adventures with this naughty seagull. The characters took on a life of their own once I painted them.”

James and the Naughty Seagull, the first children’s story in the series, introduces James, the smallest of the three bears in his family. He tells tall tales to get attention, so no one believes anything he says. When he really does have an adventure with a naughty seagull, no one believes him until the seagull is injured. It is up to James to save the bird!

The author says, “We owned a childcare center for nine years and there were some children with behavioral problems. I often found if manners and examples of Good Samaritan deeds were explained in a story concerning animals, the children often took notice and an improvement could be seen.” Her other books to be published include James and the Greedy Naughty Seagull, James and the Jealous Naughty Seagull, Is It You? and The Magic Doorway, a fairy story.”

978-1-62857-694-8-LPickeringCoverJames and the Jealous, Naughty Seagull

James is a little bear in a family of five. In James and the Jealous, Naughty Seagull, he saves a seagull with a broken wing and it now lives with him. James wants to play ball, but the seagull is far too small, so James’s father buys him a puppy called Jim.

Jim has a kind nature, but he is getting most of James’s attention now and the seagull has become jealous. She tries all types of tricks to get Jim in big trouble. One day a neighbor’s cat was sizing the seagull up for a tasty meal, when Jim came through like a super dog and rescued the seagull from the jaws of death.

From that time on they became friends. As James’s mother says, “It pays to have friends. You never know when you may need them.”

This wonderful children’s story with a message shows just how harmful jealousy can be, and is another in the James and the Naughty Seagull series.

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978-1-62857-695-5-LPickeringCoverJames and the Greedy, Naughty Seagull

James is a little bear who happens to save a seagull that has some behavioral problems.

One day James goes fishing with the seagull. James is disappointed by the bird’s display of greed, when she eats nearly all his catch.

James replaces the fish by spending his pocket money to buy fish for the family’s dinner. Even though the naughty seagull was greedy, the bear decides to give the bird a second chance.

When the seagull is disciplined for her bad manners, James’s mother rewards him for his generosity and unselfishness. This heart-warming children’s story teaches the difference between greed and unselfishness, and is another in the James and the Naughty Seagull series.

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978-1-62857-334-3-LPickeringCoverWhat Farm Animal Is Making That Noise? ‘Is It You?’

Fun New Children’s Book
Takes You Out to the Farm

If you could talk to the animals … what would you say? Is It You? is a delightful new children’s book written and illustrated by Lynne Pickering.

Visit a farm in this wonderfully illustrated story and meet all the animals there! When Jane hears a strange noise, she wants to know which animal is responsible, and asks Is It You? To learn “who done it,” she studies the different sounds that the animals make.

The author owned a childcare center and often wrote stories for the children. Farm stories were always popular. “When I obtained the little sheep toys and the calico cows and the calico pigs, I thought they would be gorgeous in a book. So I painted backgrounds of countryside and obtained porcelain dolls, creating farm scenes for the characters.”

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978-1-62857-696-2-LPickeringCoverThe Magic Doorway

Janet and Mary-Louise live near an enchanted forest. One day a small fairy friend named Lulu visits the girls and tells them about a magical doorway that has mysteriously appeared!

When they travel through the doorway, a magical whirlwind transports them to a strange land controlled by a wicked witch.

The girls have an amazing adventure with Lulu and help the fairy to break the witch’s spell, thereby saving the Fairy Princess and freeing her subjects. Will The Magic Doorway be able to take the girls back home safely? Find out in this magical adventure.

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978-1-62857-889-8-LPickeringCoverThe Little Dragon’s Rescue

Lynne Pickering has created another winner in her latest fairy adventure The Little Dragon’s Rescue. Other fairy stories in the series are The Magic Doorway and The Rainbow Fairy.

Two little girls, Mary-Jane and Samantha, live near an enchanted forest. When their fairy friend Lulu asks for help in rescuing a little dragon, they all proceed after the wicked witch who captured him! With the help of the fairies, a unicorn, and some magic spells, they set the dragon free and bid farewell to the wicked witch.

The adventure ends happily with an enchanted forest picnic featuring pick lemonade and topped off by strawberries and cream. Yum! If you’re looking for a fun adventure story with plenty of bite, it’s time to read The Little Dragon’s Rescue.

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978-1-62857-890-4-LPickeringCoverThe Rainbow Fairy

A wicked witch captures the Rainbow Fairy, intending to exchange her for the unicorn’s powers, which would allow the witch to be able to fly unseen without her broomstick!

Kate, a friend of the fairies, comes up with a scheme to defeat the wicked witch.

Kate and the fairies set a trap for the witch’s goblin helpers, intending to trade them for the Rainbow Fairy. At first the plan fails, but then the unexpected happens when the witch’s goblin helpers turn into greenies. Will the wicked witch finally release the Rainbow Fairy?

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978-1-63135-106-8-LPickeringCoverCooee the Good Pony and Little Brown Dog

Can a Pony and a Dog Become Best Friends?

Yes they can! From Australia comes this wonderful children’s story that will melt hearts.

Cooee is a spotted pony with a heart of gold. He is blessed with sharp hearing and a great sense of direction, which makes it all the easier for him to save lives and rescue people. The pony becomes a local hero and is loved by everyone for his brave deeds. But despite his bravery, Cooee is very lonely.

One day Cooee finds a lost puppy and they become the best of friends. When Brown Dog comes to live on the farm with Cooee, every day is a happy day, and they have many fun times together. Read how one brave pony becomes best friends with a small pup in Cooee the Good Pony and Little Brown Dog. Get ready for an Australian adventure you won’t soon forget!

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About the Author

Lynne Pickering is an internationally renowned artist. She has sold over 5,000 paintings in more than 30 countries. She worked as an international finance broker arranging funding for projects from high-rise offices to resorts, and lives with her family in Queensland, Australia. She writes thrillers as well as children’s books. Her book covers are her own wonderful creations.