The House Of Esther By Lura Zerick

About the Book

Knowing about his judo experience, Noell was aware that he could move fast when he chose. What she didn’t know was why he suddenly jumped in the air and kicked her in her stomach. “We are not going to have a baby! What are you trying to do, tie my nose to the grindstone, give me another mouth to feed!” He walked from the room as if nothing unusual had happened.

Noell Nelson has just earned a degree in social work when she meets and falls in love with handsome Joe Johnson. After a whirlwind courtship, they marry; but very soon Joe begins to change. Becoming more and more controlling as the months go by, his love for her turns to disdain and escalates into acts of violence. Desperate to change her life, Noell decides to take action as she finds her way, with God’s help, to freedom and to love.

About the Author

Lura Zerick grew up on a farm in the Florida Panhandle, the youngest of eight children. She wrote The House of Esther, she says, “to give hope to those who are hurting.” Though the story is fictional, the acts of violence are based on true events from Lura’s life. The royalties from sales of her book will be donated to a women’s shelter in Dothan, Alabama. Lura currently divides her time between Tampa and her woods in Alabama. She can be reached at

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