Spotlight on Gluten by Lucille Cholerton

About the Book

Anyone who has had gluten sensitivity will want to read this eye-opening book about what’s contained in the food we eat. Author Lucille Cholerton is a nutrition counsellor, specializing in gluten sensitivity and coeliac disease. She and her three grown children all suffer from gluten sensitivity.

Read her story in Spotlight on Gluten: New symptoms for the new millennium? Or long-standing symptoms now being recognized? She says that the earlier you are diagnosed, the better. “This disorder should really be diagnosed in childhood, but if the diagnosis is missed, people can suffer for many years with unexplained symptoms, when something that they are eating every day could be the root cause of their ill health.”
Learn the symptoms of gluten sensitivity and how a gluten-free diet can help you lead a healthier life. Even many doctors are in the dark on this subject!

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About the Author

A former teacher, Lucille Cholerton is now a nutrition counselor and is writing her next books on gluten sensitivity. “There is a dire need for better diagnosis and understanding of this disorder.” She is married and lives in Durban, South Africa. She started the Gluten Intolerance/Celiac Support Group in Durban in 1995. For more information about gluten, visit