Unforgiven by Lisa Eve

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Imagine the consequences that could arise from a secret spawned by hate, as destructive to the soul as cancer is to the body, after two babies are switched at birth. This is the unforgettable premise of the powerful novel Unforgiven.

When Rayna Lockhart is switched with another baby girl, it sets off a deadly chain of events that affect not only Rayna, but many other innocent lives. It is only after a visit from a kind stranger on the path to his own requisite that Rayna learns of something so shocking it sends her spiraling into madness. Rayna’s story intertwines a diverse set of characters in a head-on collision course with fate, creating a domino effect whose only promise is to destroy the lives of those in its path.

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About the Author

Lisa Eve resides in Jacksonville, Florida. Prior to becoming a novelist, she was a freelance writer for the Florida Times-Union. Her next book, Innate Sacrifices, is about two sisters, one who carries a deadly secret, once unleashed, will test the bonds of sisterly love.

Visit Lisa’s website at www.authorlisaeve.com