Author Biography

I wrote my first poem in the 4th grade, a take-off on ‘The Night Before Christmas,’ as seen from the viewpoint of the mouse. Rhyme comes to mind automatically, sometimes inescapably, and it always has; I have never not-written poetry. Sometimes, a poem will just sort of ‘be’ in my mind, complete, just wanting to be set to paper.

Semi-retired from years of administrative positions in various industries between San Francisco and areas in Texas, I found the time, then, to pursue publishing. Almost immediately after the book was released, there started a two-year period of economic distress that precluded my following up with it. No worries; my philosophy is that everything happens in a correctness of time and the only interference in that is – us. The time has now come to work with the book some more, to put the best energies I can toward it, and trust the Universe.