Live, from the Mystic by Linda Cheviot Himes

Book Synopsis

The book is a collection of poems written over a 30-year period in my life. The poems are descriptive of the metaphor for the Otherworldly/the Divine, that can be found in any mundane thing or event in nature.

Vultures are metaphorical of the rise of spirit into the heights and the subsequent sharpness of vision telling when there is something worth descending for on earth; clouds present a multitude of shapes in which can be envisioned angels, demons, dragons, etc.; the earth’s contours and stones and the gnarl of an oak can hold ancient faces of gnomes; the sun diffuses through air and water the ‘Pure White Light of the Christ’ that bathes the earth.

The only limit is the mind’s eye of the beholder, and it is my joy to suggest these metaphors for consideration and contemplation. I find much peace in such visions, and it is my privilege to pass them along.