The Eden Trilogy by Lesley Ann Eden

About the Books

Beyond Belief in the Land of Rhythm

This true story, Beyond Belief in the Land of Rhythm, takes the author on a mysterious journey across time and space to unravel the murder of a young girl.

Suffering from a fever in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, Lesley Ann Eden receives a message from a spirit who leads her to Cuba on a quest for answers to an ancient mystery. While in Cuba, she studies dance and music, staying with the locals to sample their lifestyle. Her spirit guide allows her to enter the mind of a princess in the Palace of Knossos in ancient Crete, where she witnesses the princess’ murder.

The author investigates everything she can about the girl’s death, and like a jigsaw puzzle, she pieces together the unbelievable truth. This woman’s journey reveals paranormal and psychic events that might seem totally Beyond Belief.

Return: To the Land of Durga, Part 3 of The Eden Trilogy

Return: To the Land of Durga, the third book in the Eden Trilogy, continues the author’s amazing travels across India that reveal her psychic and paranormal experiences.

At her son’s behest, Lesley Ann Eden travels to India where she used to live when the British Raj ruled. She is apprehensive what she might find altered in modern day India, compared to what she knew in the past.

Lesley specifically wants to find a grave hidden in the Nilgiris on Tiger Hill. As her journey takes her back, she remembers her early married life there and the terrible hauntings and spirit disturbances that have plagued her in a small farming village in North Yorkshire.

On the last night in the Nilgiris, where her adventure culminates, she encounters a terrible spirit attack so shocking that she is relieved to leave, but worries that the attack might occur again, even back in England. All is well after her return home, but then the assault reoccurs. While she is able to fight it, the onslaught is only a preamble for something much more sinister to come.

She describes the horrific, invasive actions of alien energies through a diary and reveals her visions for the future. This true account is disturbing in the extreme in that it is not the end, as there is much more to be revealed before 2012 is through! View the Press Release

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About the Author

Lesley Ann Eden grew up in the Midlands, earned an M.A. in choreography and has taught dance throughout the world. She teaches in her own school, The York School of Dance and Drama.

Fire in my Hands, the first book in her Eden Trilogy, is also available from Strategic Book Group.