Scammers Among Us Beware

CareyCoverLearn how to protect yourself from scams and fraud with the help of Leon Carey’s Scammers Among Us Beware.

When Leon Carey was desperate for money, he turned to a source that seemed legitimate. He didn’t lose or gain any money from the venture, however, when fake checks entered his bank account, he found his account frozen along with his email address. Finally listening to his family’s pleas to cease and desist, he changed his e-mail address so that the scammers could no longer contact him.

Confused and concerned, Carey discovered that the same scammers had been defrauding scores of people of thousands of dollars and he had actually been lucky.

Compiling data from agencies in the US, Canada, the UK, and Interpol, Scammers Among Us Beware is an indispensible guide that will help you escape the reach of scammers trying to mine your bank account and will teach you the protective measures you need to take to keep you safe forever.