A Perfect Solution by Larry Hill

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This chilling novel takes suspense to a whole new level. Adolph Hitler called his extermination plan to create an Arian race The Final Solution. The serial killer in this book can see, hear, and talk to Hitler and is looking for A Perfect Solution.

Raised the son of a fiery Baptist preacher on an Iowa farm, Gunther Heisman killed his first victim, a young girl, in a pond while they were practicing baptism. From an early age, he studied the life of Hitler and was inspired by the Nazi philosophy. When Gunther was 21, he started a killing spree in the Midwest without having any kind of plan. On his way the West Coast to begin killing there, he went into the desert to fast and pray, and it was there he found A Perfect Solution.

His solution was completely different from Hitler’s, which was based on race. Their difference of opinion caused friction between Gunther and Hitler when they chatted. The way Gunther saw it, his mission was to kill as many people as possible from a single segment of the population before moving on to another group. This terrifying story takes a deep look into the mind of a killer, and it’s not a pretty sight.

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About the Author

Larry HillLarry Hill was born in Harlem, New York, and now resides in Chester, South Carolina. He is a Marine Corps veteran and has always had a deep appreciation for the arts. This is his third novel.