I Believe In You: A Mother’s Message to Her Son with Learning Differences by Kristen DeBeer

About the Book

Jack is a boy who learns differently. He doesn’t always fit in at school. Despite his best efforts, he still struggles to stay on task and pay attention. I Believe in You embraces the creativity of kids like Jack, the author’s son, who excels at building, despite struggling with multiplication.

This book helps kids understand a little more about why they struggle and acknowledges the way they feel about being different, while uplifting them with the repeated refrain, “I believe in you.”

As a mother to a son with ADHD and dyslexia, the author knows what it is like to watch a child with learning differences struggle at school. “He sometimes works harder to accomplish things at school that come easily to other learners, yet he often hears messages like ‘try harder,’ when he doesn’t succeed. I wrote I Believe in You for my son, and for the thousands of other kids whose learning differences affect their self-esteem. I think it is important to embrace these kids for their strengths, and let them know that they have the love and support of those who know them best.”

I Believe in You: A Mother’s Message to Her Son with Learning Differences presents an important and uplifting message to other parents.

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About the Author

Kristen DeBeer lives in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. “I hope that this book will be a way for parents to discuss learning differences with their children, and offer a positive message for different learners to carry with them to school, and beyond.”