The Adventures of The Krusaders and The Legend Of Wilde Island by Konrád Kocsis

About the Book

In the motivational new series The Adventures of the Krusaders and the Legend of Wilde Island, a group of high school students use their talents to develop a youth activity center in Bellingham, Washington.

The teens rely on their tenacity to overcome obstacles, learn success principles and develop leadership skills to pursue a quest for truth and justice. With the help of supportive families, loyal friendships, and faith in God, these motivated youth use their compassion, wit, and charm to bring a community vision to life. The Krusaders embark on a mysterious adventure to save a friend in the nearby San Juan Islands of northwest Washington.

Through mentorship, some tough issues are resolved and secrets discovered. Read along in this stirring novel as the Krusaders gain confidence and become energized to seek new adventures. Watch for sequels!

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About the Author

Born in British Columbia, Konrád Kocsis now lives in Bellingham, Washington. This is his first novel of a trilogy following the adventures of the Krusaders. “I wanted to write a leadership book for youth that could be fun-filled with quotes of success principles to learn from in a natural setting.” He hopes to instill confidence in young readers by developing leadership and problem-solving skills through role models and inspirational quotes.