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The Longest Walk

Baseball becomes a metaphor for life, when a boozy minor league hitting coach makes a deal with Death to save a little boy’s life.

The Longest Walk realizes every baseball fanâs ultimate fantasy: seeing the greatest players of all time play together when it really counts. Coach Don Ogilvie bargains to trade his life for that of Roberto, a terminally ill seven-year-old. But first, the alcoholic coach must win the big game, managing a team of the greatest dead Hall of Famers against a powerful squad that’s playing for Death Personified.

There’s no game that lends itself more to drama and magic than baseball. The Longest Walk is Damn Yankees,Field of Dreams, and Rocky combined! Can Babe Ruth hit a homerun to save Roberto’s life?

Adverse Possession

Grossman-Cover-WebA cautionary tale of a big real estate deal gone bad: A cesspool’s brew of money, mud, murder, and blood.

After a messy break-up with his old law firm, young attorney Nick Shuman gets in over his head, when he takes on a big case brought by a small but wealthy California landowner. It’s 2007 and the price of real estate is exploding.

Shuman’s new client, Joe Munoz, is being sued by a large insurance company with an army of attorneys looking to complete a massive development deal in an unspoiled corner of Southern California.

Only Joe and his key piece of land, “Little Rocking-Horse Ranch,” stand in the way.

But Joe has a past that adds a wild card to the mix: an unsolved, decades-old murder tied to him and the ranch, and his murky reasons for refusing to sell it for the huge sum offered.

To fend off their mighty foes and launch their own quest to tilt against the windmills of Big Business and Institutionalized Power, Nick and Joe assemble a rag-tag cast of unlikely allies and characters.

In a constant game of catch-up, things get dirty fast. A high-powered, crooked law firm and the Russian mob complicate matters for the under-manned defenders of “Little Ranch.”

The stakes rise faster than the real estate market, as evidence disappears, and lives and loves are cut down or ruined. The September 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers and the inescapable crush of The Great Recession shatter this deadly struggle for everyone.

About the Author

This is the latest novel by award-winning author Kirk Marty, the pen name of Kirk Grossman, a real estate attorney in Ventura, California and dedicated Dodger fan in Ventura, California. “The way I see it, I’ve been a professional writer for over 33 years. As a practicing attorney, I’ve cranked out literally hundreds of thousands of pages of mumbo jumbo. Legal writing provides great instruction on the wrong way to create fiction, although some attorneys often confuse the two. Still, it is the type of writing that requires great precision and focus, qualities needed for good fiction as well.” He has already started his next novel.

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