Something to Cry About by Kinnon McArthur

About the Book

Childhood abuse can have many outcomes. From a dark beginning, author Kinnon McArthur tells in stark detail how he and his siblings’ lives went through hell and how only an unfortunate tragedy would one day save them.

Set in the late 1960s and 1970s, Something to Cry About is based on the author’s early life. “Allen Meacham” is a 16-year-old victim of his father’s abuse. One day, he finds himself standing over the man who has beaten, tortured and mistreated each member of his family. Allen points the gun and fires two shots. All of maybe 70 pounds, Allen calmly puts down the gun, picks up the phone and calls the police to tell them he has killed his father.

Arrested, his only hope is a young woman attorney who is putting together a defense showing a history of abuse, and that Allen was acting in self defense. Allen tells her about the beatings, broken bones, verbal abuse and death threats suffered at the hands of his father. This true story tells the heart-breaking story of how one family rose above tragedy, going on to live happy and fulfilling lives.

A four-star review from
This tale is gripping… this story will be disturbing to readers, for there are those who prefer to pretend abuse does not exist. Others will be disturbed because it hits too close to home. Still others will be disturbed because they want to reach out to the abused. I commend Kinnon McArthur for sharing his story.” – Anne B.

Five-star reviews from Amazon:
“…it took me back to places from long ago that chill me to this very day.” – Maria L.

The hardships and cruelty that the children went thru is totally unbelievable. But the author describes every event in details. This book gives hope to everyone that has gone thru hard times.” – Stephen J. Philip

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About the Author

Kinnon McArthur and his siblings overcame abuse to live normal lives. He started writing this book eight years ago. The proud father of two daughters and a son, he is a marketing manager who lives in northern New Jersey, and is writing his next book.