WEAVE Model – Global Strategy for Weaving Social Media into Your Business by Khushbu Pandya

978-1-62516-391-2-KPandyaCoverAbout the Book

WEAVE Model provides a framework that helps create a social media strategy in line with your other business strategies. The word WEAVE itself represents the five-letter strategy list consisting of: W for word of mouth; E for engage and empower relations; A for authenticity and transparency; V for value and trust; and E for emotional connect.

These five basic principles are explained with great clarity. You will learn how to achieve these principles, how to weave them in with other business strategies, and how to achieve success with this model.

The USP (unique selling proposition) of the book is that it is short in length and written in layman’s language, avoiding business jargon. Hence, you can read it and learn from it as well as implement the principles in your own business and professional life. Yet another important point is that these strategies reflect the author’s own experiences and successes that are tried and tested, arising out of a three-year doctoral research process.

Says the author, “People do amazing things on their social profiles and businesses needs to know this fact. Some companies have already understood it and have made efforts to woo their audiences. This huge idea of networking and knowing people around the world and experiencing innumerable awesome conversations with them excites me to the fullest and gave me a magical motivation to share these experiences in the form of a book.”

About the Author

Khushbu PandyaKhushbu Pandya grew up in a very loving Brahmin family in Gujarat, India. She has her own social media consultancy and training firm, Konvophilia Communications.
If you want to connect with Khushbu Pandya, please visit www.khushbupandya.com.
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