Immaculate Connection by Kay Illingworth

About the Book

There is nothing Immaculate about reincarnation. The setting for this stunning novel is pre-war Europe of the 1930s, where past lives and the future intermingle.

Immaculate Connection places Maggie, a gifted medium, at the mercy of her bullying husband. Maggie’s life spirals out of control when she becomes pregnant by the village priest, who accompanies her from Ireland to France, where she bears the child and gives him up for adoption. While there, Maggie is pulled into a past life that reveals her true purpose, but the knowledge terrifies her.

Maggie has been communicating with the dead for as far back as she can remember, and the child she carries is no ordinary child. The baby is born with incredible powers that will one day be used to fight off demons…and protect Earth from dark forces. Immaculate Connection taps into another consciousness that can be scary or comforting. You be the judge.

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Being a voracious reader doesn’t mean that I consume everything in sight regardless of quality. I love to find a book that carries me along, one that keeps me up at night later than intended for “just one more chapter!” and one that delivers a satisfying story without unsatisfying predictability. Kay Illingworth (a Doctorate in Metaphysics being just one of her many talents) has provided us with a story that opens in France in 1931, presents a crucial situation of reincarnation, takes us to England, moves us into the second world war, and then leaves us knowing that there is more to come, that the characters we have been getting to know have a greater journey ahead. There is Maggie, the spirited (in more ways than one) woman with powers she has difficulty acknowledging, and David, the object of her love and desire, and then there is Aedan…..but I have no intention of giving the storyline away as I don’t want to spoil your enjoyment of the novel. I will say I was touched by the description of the soldiers of the Great War going to the light, the plight of the dogs, and Maggie’s love for her child. This is not a cosy package of boy-meets-girl with an overlay of a past life to solve the present-day problems; it’s a story resplendent with humour, scandal and passion. As someone would have to say who lived during the years in which the story is set, A ripping yarn!”

Christina Drummond, Holistic Health Practitioner

A refreshing, brilliant, thoroughly entertaining novel in a class of its own. This book has it all. A Catherine Cookson for the spiritual warrior. But don’t be fooled by the word ‘spiritual,’ some angels love a good fight. The book is like a “dessert” that I cannot wait to get back to. I have read many books in my lifetime and this author’s writing is on par with any of the best sellers I’ve have ever enjoyed. Can’t wait until Steven Spielberg turns it into a film. Well done Kay Illingworth.

– Yvonne Walsh Music/Woman Magic

Kay, I am just finishing your book. It is very well written, an engaging read, and a great way to explain some spiritual concepts. I really enjoyed it, and I’m very impressed. I hope you are proud of such a great achievement. Is book two coming soon? – along the same lines, or a move in a new direction?

About the Author

Kay Illingworth is writing the sequel to her debut novel Immaculate Connection. She grew up in Manchester, England, and now resides with her husband and children in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.