Bride of the Desert Trilogy by Katrina Covington Whitmore

About the Books

Daughter of Two Nations: Book One in the Bride of the Desert Trilogy

Lady Kiah, Princess Royal of the ruling family of Kush, is contracted to marry the heir of the most powerful family in the eastern Roman Empire. Intelligent, compassionate, and deadly with a knife, Lady Kiah must prepare herself for her husband-to-be by acclimating herself to the culture and customs of her new land.

But when she arrives on the shores of ancient Syria, the misadventures begin for the young, headstrong princess as she explores her new land and is tested to the limits by her cousin, Zenobia, and her aunt, Aziza.

An epic adventure of love, power and the journey to womanhood, Daughter of Two Nations begins the tale of one woman’s fateful role in the events that unfold during the fall of Palmyra, one of the most powerful city-states in the Roman Empire.

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Torn Loyalties: Book Two in the Bride of the Desert Trilogy

Torn Loyalties begins with the Lady Kiah’s marriage into the House of Nasor. On her wedding day she learns that her cousin Zenobia will be marrying soon as well, to her husband’s father, and will be following Kiah to her new home. The surprising marriage takes place, Zenobia moves in, and the new First Wives take over the reins of their respective households.

The cousins create quite a stir, but special notice by the gods during the Spring Rites makes everyone uneasy. It is during this time that Kiah is reunited with someone she thought never to see again — Atticus Lucius Aurelius, the Roman soldier who saved her from her own foolishness and impetuosity on a never to be forgotten day years earlier. The rise of a Persian king plunges the region into war; the downfall of Rome’s Eastern Empire becomes a distinct possibility.

Facing an enemy that attacks from within and without, rocked by personal pain and terrible tragedy, Kiah fights for the lives of her friends and family, for the people of Palmyra, and the shining city she has grown to love, known throughout the world as the ‘Bride of the Desert’.

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978-1-63135-511-0-KWhitmoreCoverThe End Is the Beginning: Book Three in The Bride of the Desert Trilogy

The End Is the Beginning opens with the tragedy and heartbreak suffered by the House of Nasor after winning a devastating war over Persia. The price of victory included the assassinations of the leaders of the Nasor clan, the husbands of Zenobia, and her cousin Kiah.

Zenobia’s young son is the only remaining male of the Blood. She uses that to seize control, declaring herself regent and ruler over lands granted to her husband by the Roman Empire. Zenobia appoints Kiah as her counselor, but it quickly becomes clear that Zenobia’s plans are to end Roman rule and establish a new empire with herself as ruler.

To make her dreams a reality, Zenobia makes treasonous moves, including usurping lands that have belonged to Rome for generations. Kiah counsels her cousin against such rash actions, knowing that Rome will retaliate with war.

But confident in her ultimate success, Zenobia refuses to listen, until the day the new Roman Emperor Aurelian decides he has had enough. The result marks the end of an era and causes tragic consequences for the city known as The Bride of the Desert.