So Far, So Good By Kathy Beechem

About the Book

What does a loving couple do when one of them is told that death is imminent? Pete Nadherny was the CEO of his own business in Cincinnati when he learned that he had a brain tumor. His wife, and the author of this book, Kathy, was a bank executive. Both of them quit working.

The adventure on which they embarked for the remainder of Pete’s life is captured in this stunning memoir, So Far, So Good. Theirs is an inspiring journey of love and dreams that should have lasted no more than a few months, but instead, the couple was given the gift of over two years to embark on a final farewell, “deepening our love for each other along the way. Pete lived 25 months and we had an amazing adventure together.”

Kathy says her husband fought to the end. “Pete had two brain surgeries, participated in a clinical trial, had six weeks of radiation, over 30 MRIs, had blood clots and nearly died once of pneumonia. Pete’s attitude toward his illness was amazing. He was a fighter, always focused on living, not dying.” When people asked how he was doing, he would say, So Far, So Good.

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About the Author

Kathy Beechem had just been named one of the “25 Most Powerful Women in Banking” by an industry trade magazine when her husband was diagnosed. She is now the Director of Spiritual Growth at her church, Crossroads, which is a mega interdenominational community in Cincinnati. “Writing the book was in a way like walking on cut glass. I think the writing was a catalyst for my own grieving and helped me heal faster.” She has requested that proceeds benefit the University of Cincinnati Brain Tumor Center,