Novels by Kat Canfield

Only UsRidenour Cover Web

Only Us tells the story of how love can prevail, even under difficult circumstances.

After their marriage, Madison and Saleem settle into their lives together. But incidents from the past come back to haunt them.

Madison has had no contact with her ex-husband since the day she walked out of the courtroom where he was convicted of battery and spousal abuse. He’s the last person she ever expected to see again.

Saleem’s life was turned upside down twenty years ago when a woman he had an affair with named him the father of her child. He never believed it, but opted to financially support the girl. Now twenty-one, his daughter calls him with news that will rock the newfound bliss of his marriage to Madison.

Both must face the past, even as some of the world’s worst criminals tear them apart. Will they survive kidnapping, murder, and the Russian Mafia?

Only Love Twice

Only Love Twice is a contemporary romance between and American and a Saudi National. It starts out in Knoxville, TN in the current day. They meet via the internet through a pornographic website Madison runs. She’s a widow but ready to start dating again. After much communication via email they take it to the next level: a real in person date. Both have secrets to hide and the events of that first date brings them out.

From there the romance evolves in places like New York City, the Florida Keys, and Malta. Saleem, a business man with offices around the world, he is westernized but still retains many Saudi cultural traits. Madison, before being a webmistress, did twenty five years as a police officer so retains many of those traits: strong determined woman who is a paradox. Her main passion is her horse: she shows dressage, an Olympic equestrian discipline. Saleem plays polo so they have a common thread to bring their relationship together.

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