Books by Karen Ayers

The Secrets of Westingdale

When Maria Taylor purchases Westingdale, a huge mansion overlooking the sea, she hopes to turn the beautiful old house into an historic bed and breakfast.
She also hopes that it will bring her closer to her sixteen-year-old daughter, Janie, as the two have drifted apart following the death of Maria’s husband and Janie’s father the year before. But the long-vacant home has problems of its own. Little do they know that Westingdale is haunted.

Many unanswered questions are waiting to be discovered in their new home. With the help of a very unusual guest, the mysteries become clearer. Join along with a mother and daughter seeking a new life. You will laugh and cry as their story unfolds, and also be left with the knowledge that it is okay to find love again. What are The Secrets of Westingdale? For some, it can be as simple as finding forgiveness. View the Press Release

Sweet Summer Rain … Noah’s Story

Noah Garrett is a doctor who puts God above everything. Raised by Christian parents and taught the ways pleasing to God, he has prayed for years to meet that special woman he can grow old with.

Brendy Blake has lived an abusive life. She never knew her father and was raised by an alcoholic mother who used her as a punching bag. All her life, she felt God was never there for her, so she stopped believing in Him altogether.

In the touching novel Sweet Summer Rain … Noah’s Story, see what happens when God puts these two people together. Do opposites really attract, and will Brendy be able to find the peace she has always hungered for?

Hiding dark secrets and being blackmailed by one of Noah’s friends, Brendy believes the love she feels for Noah can never be acknowledged. In her heart, she knows she is not the woman he makes her out to be.

The first in a four-part series, Sweet Summer Rain is a story of love and hope, but above all, forgiveness. Brendy finds the hardest part of forgiveness is learning to forgive yourself.

Each book in the series covers the life of a different Garrett family member in the town of Summersville, West Virginia. After Sweet Summer Rain, watch what happens in the other seasons of the year! View the Press Release

Fall’s Undying Promise … Greg’s Story

978-1-62516-274-8-KAyersCoverWhen Greg and Rene Garrett get the news that every couple dreads to hear, life as they know it is suddenly ripped apart. Will their strong faith in God be enough to carry them through the rough road that lies ahead?

When death comes knocking, it leaves you terrified and everything you knew to be good and true becomes cloudy. Faced with decisions they never thought they would have to make, Greg and Rene realize time is of the essence.

The touching novel Fall’s Undying Promise … Greg’s Story is the second book of the four-part The Seasons of Change Series. You will understand what real true love is all about and how sometimes we are faced with things beyond our control.

Greg Garrett loves his wife more than life itself. How will his faith help him deal with the unknown and keep his love as strong as ever, even though his wife has shut him out dealing with things she doesn’t understand?

This touching story deals with faith and love, but above all, it’s about never giving up.

Cold Winter’s Chill . . . Brad’s Story

978-1-62516-620-3-KAyersCoverLong-haired Bradley Garrett is a rodeo champion. Known as a sexy cowboy, he has never had a problem getting women. In fact he has known many, but not usually for more than one night.

Growing up with two older brothers and one younger sister, Brad always knew he was the black sheep of the family. Working the ranch, breaking and boarding horses has left him tired and lonely. His older brothers have already found love, but Brad knows love is not in the cards for him. If he can’t have Sarah, he doesn’t want anyone, and he knows in his heart that he’s not good enough for her.

Brad has a secret. He is an alcoholic that drinks to forget his loneliness, and until the night he accidently overdoses with pain pills and alcohol, his family has no idea just how bad his problem is.

Brad was raised a Christian, but has long since tucked his faith away. Will the faith and love in God he once had be enough to bring him back before it’s too late?

No sin is too great for God, for He is always waiting for you to call on Him.

The Fragrance of Spring . . . Connie’s Story

9781625168979-Perfect.inddConnie Garrett is the baby of the Garrett family. Staying busy working on the ranch and going to school to be a Christian counselor has left her no time for love. In fact, she believes she’ll never find the kind of love her three brothers were blessed with.

One rainy night, Connie’s entire world changes when she has an accident. Until that moment, she thought she knew the road God had her on, but now she’s not so sure. Life as she knew it becomes a standstill for weeks, as she awaits the fate of young Ian Richardson.

In this last book of The Seasons of Change Series, readers learn that our plans are not always God’s plans. Sometimes, He takes the worst circumstance and shapes it to make something beautiful.

The Fragrance of Spring … Connie’s Story will take you through many emotions as this last book wraps up the other three, and you again meet the characters you have fallen in love with.

Life is about ups and downs, and The Seasons of Change Series will lead you through many of them, some you may have already experienced yourself.

Amazing Grace . . . The Ultimate Forgiveness

978-1-63135-098-6-KAyersCoverHannah Wilkerson, a sixteen-year-old who has been raised by a Baptist minister, is a beautiful only child and is gifted with the voice of an angel.

But Hannah has another gift; she can speak with God and has visions. Her father believes that she is even closer to God than he is.

Eighteen-year-old Nate Webber has led an entirely different life. Hidden away and abused by his parents, he finally snaps and loses control, leaving behind a path of destruction that harms anyone in his way.

It’s easy to talk of faith when life is good, but what happens when everything you know and love is suddenly turned upside down?

For Hannah’s parents, their faith has always been something they treasured. Then their daughter Hannah fails to come home.

When life as they know it spirals out of control, will they be able to stand firm in their beliefs?

Amazing Grace … The Ultimate Forgiveness will take you on a journey from beginning to end that will make you stop and think what you would do if faced with the same horror.

Imperfect World . . . Perfect Me!

unnamed (1)Imperfect World … Perfect Me! is a step-by-step handbook to living the full life that is found only in Jesus Christ. In her transparency, Karen shares her testimony regarding some of her own personal struggles. She explains how she overcame the obstacles each situation presented by trusting God, applying His Word, and knowing her identity in Christ.

“Karen covers everything from having a personal relationship with Jesus to marriage to self-esteem and gives encouraging truths from God’s Word that will move you from a mindset of defeat to a mindset of faith, all rooted in the promise of God.

“Imperfect World … Perfect Me! is one of those books that won’t leave your nightstand – a quick reference that is power-packed with inspiration from someone who has walked some tough paths in her life! You will enjoy Karen’s work and you will fall in love with her faith to simply believe what God says about you!” Pastor Karen Smith

This self-help book contains 17 chapters on how to become a better Christian, how to live more Christlike. It is full of stories of my own life as well as others who have allowed me to share their personal stories without using names. These are true struggles that have been overcome through Christ and filled with Bible verses to back them up.

About the Author

Karen Ayers is the mother of six. Born in North Georgia, she is a true Southerner, who believes in smiling and saying hello to strangers. She is an author and motivational speaker who attended Bible College at Free Chapel Worship Center. She uses her writing to allow God to work through her to fulfill His purpose.