All About My Mother: A Beloved Daughter’s Memoir

by J. S. Quinn

978-1-61897-657-4-JSQuinnCoverAbout the Book

What would your child want to tell you if her words came from beyond the living? This memoir was written by a mother to show that a child’s love can survive death, but it also shows the promise of a life barely begun.

J.S. Quinn’s death at 18 took a deep toll on her brothers and her mother, a retired British school teacher who believes that writing this book has been a real part of her grieving process. “It is really an accumulation of short stories, the first of which I wrote in March 2006 as an imagined account of my daughter’s last flashes of her life as she was dying. It lifted the gloom on nine years of aching grief. I have had such a blessed life, even with the loss of my daughter. The only obstacle was trying to stay true to my daughter’s sentiments and voice.”

Since she passed, J.S. has been witnessing her mother’s grieving, right up to present day. She tells the strategies her mother uses to cope. All About My Mother: A Beloved Daughter’s Memoir is the story of J.S. Quinn, who died in 1997, 25 days before her 19th birthday.

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