Presumption of Death by Joy Ratcliff Cagle

978-1-62212-979-9-JCagleCoverAbout the Book

In this stunning novel, premonitions or gut feelings—the inherent knowing without rational basis—play a starring role. Lynn Conley, a litigation paralegal, experiences this phenomenon recurrently. Visions of accidents and murders invade her mind far too often, creating chaos in her life.

Sheri Noland, a young lawyer waiting for the results of her bar exam, is shaken by her husband’s recent behavior. Terrified by a conversation overheard at a party, she seeks the advice of a psychic. The old woman warns Sheri not to go home. But disbelieving, Sheri signs her own death warrant when she opens her front door.

When Lynn’s computer monitor goes blank, she thinks it is malfunctioning. On the screen she sees a young woman bound and gagged. She watches with apprehension hoping the vision will go away. The hopelessness Lynn sees in the woman’s eyes stirs a feeling deep within her soul that she does not understand.

A week later, Lynn sees the woman’s face on the evening news. Sheri Noland has been abducted from her home in a small town northeast of Atlanta.

Lynn’s prophetic visions continue, as horrifying pieces of the puzzle converge with Sheri’s voice guiding her. Lynn’s home is ransacked and she receives threatening telephone calls, but she cannot quit.

About the Author

Joy Ratcliff Cagle is a litigation paralegal with a law firm by day and a writer by night. She grew up in a small town in Oklahoma, where Air Force jets flew overhead and tornados followed close behind. She now lives in Atlanta. Presumption of Death is a plea to people from all walks of life to take a stand and demand justice.