Election Dance by Joseph Hart

About the Book

Election Dance is a classic in the making.

Almost in the manner of Balzac, Joseph Hart presents a cross-section of Curaçao, from the most wretched and impoverished of its citizens to the most powerful and corrupt of its politicians. He is unflinching in his description whether of love making or of violence, and there is plenty of both in the novel.” – Phillip Mann, playwright and novelist

Politics makes strange bedfellows. In the unforgettable new novel Election Dance, dirty politics, idealism, crime and sex all play significant roles. Matthew Bartels, a brilliant and idealistic 37-year-old math teacher in Curaçao is asked to be a keynote speaker in a seminar on sustainable growth. His success leads to his joining a political party to bring about change and further his vision for better government.

Idealistic Matthew learns that when entering politics there is a price to pay. As the political campaign becomes ugly, his background is attacked, demons of his past are resurrected and his lover leaves him. No one ever said politics was easy!

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About the Author

Joseph Hart is a retired English teacher and school superintendent. He lives in Curaçao and is working on his next novel.