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Little Stories for Little People is a pre-school children’s book consisting of twelve short stories. This delightful book encourages young children to use their minds to solve a problem or a mystery.
The aim is to introduce children to reading, but in a fun and entertaining way. Each story is wonderfully illustrated with colourful drawings to help them understand each story’s narrative.
The stories are not only designed for young children to read on their own, but also for parents, teachers, guardians and babysitters to read to the children and encourage them to use their own ideas to work out solutions to the problem or mystery attributed to each story.

Little Stories will keep little sleuths busy!

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978-1-62857-779-2-JRoweCoverThe Casebook of Inspector Sniffabout

All children love solving puzzles and mysteries. In The Casebook of Inspector Sniffabout, their brains will be put to the test, as the great bloodhound detective Inspector Sniffabout is called on to unravel all kinds of strange events and happenings.

The book is designed to undertake two important experiences in children’s development. First, it encourages young children to read, but in an entertaining and fun way. Second, it allows them to use their powers of deduction, as they try to work out the mysteries Inspector Sniffabout has to solve.

Each story in the book is a self-contained mystery, which gives children the opportunity of playing detective, to try and work out what is going on, and to see if they can guess how Inspector Sniffabout will solve the case. Each story is also accompanied by a series of beautiful colour illustrations, which enhance the easy-to-read text.

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The Case Book of InspectorRowe Cover Web Sniffabout: Book Two

Inspector Sniffabout is a dog. But he is no ordinary dog! He is a Bloodhound who can solve people’s mysteries or problems. And he can talk to people. If anyone has a problem or mystery to solve, Inspector Sniffabout is on the case.

This wonderfully illustrated children’s book covers three cases that need solving. In the first, “The Case of the Missing Post,” Inspector Sniffabout wants to know why everyone’s post keeps disappearing. In the second story, “The Case of the Fallen Tree,” the Bloodhound must find a way to stop a speeding train before it crashes into a fallen tree. And in the final story, “The Case of the Leaking Water Tower,” all the Inspector’s skills are put to the test in solving the mystery of why the water tower, which holds water for the steam train, keeps being emptied. This is the second book in the Sniffabout series, in which children can also try to solve the cases and become a detective, too.

The third book is currently being written.

About the Author

John RoweJohn Rowe has worked in the television industry for over forty-five years, as a researcher, head of programmes and production, and as a producer and director. Besides his vast list of credits for adult audiences, he is also well known for his services to children’s television. Among his many credits are “Blue’s Clues” for Nickelodeon UK, “Havakazoo” for Channel 5, “Monkey Makes” for Channel 5, and “Big Cook Little Cook” for CBeebies. He also wrote and directed Nickelodeon UK’s stage productions for six years.

He lives in Wiltshire, England, with his wife and their playful Irish setter, Katy.