Moron Corps: A Vietnam Veteran’s Case for Action by John L. Ward

978-1-62212-207-3-JWardCoverSpeaks to all veterans who served in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. It comprises the challenges of combat injuries and tells how the Veterans Administration has failed so many of us in great numbers.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can aggravate pre-existing injuries as well as injuries caused by exposure to chemicals. The book delves into the plight of veterans having been drafted unlawfully by the Johnson Administration. Some of these veterans were retarded and also were burdened with pre-existing injuries prior to their inception into the military. The failure of the U.S government to adhere to the Department of Labor’s mandate that would apply affirmative action in prioritizing preferences provided for veterans. These problems contributed to many suicides, and over the years have made things difficult for all of us.

My inspiration in writing this book is entirely due to my personal experiences as well as the suffering of so many veterans with problems whom I have assisted. My heartfelt experience carries the knowledge of how they were treated, or not treated. Watching them suffer as I had and left to rot without assistance, gave me the impetus to fight for their rights to get the assistance they need.

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