Man and His Planet



James E. Strickling, Jr.


MAN AND HIS PLANET – An Unauthorized History

MAN AND HIS PLANET presents a unique evaluation of Creationism, Darwinism, and the Creationism-Evolution controversy. Typically, the two factions might argue “You’re wrong because I’m right.” But MAN AND HIS PLANET clearly demonstrates that both factions are wrong.

A new Worldview is required. Indeed, there are many known facts and ancient records that will never be explained by the traditional worldviews in favor today. MAN AND HIS PLANET offers an alternative that is both logical and objective.

Missing from both of the two most popular “theories” of origins are two key factors: logic and objectivity. In fact, both ideas are refuted by their own so-called supporting data.

The Darwinists have never refuted Biblical creationism. (They actually do not believe this is necessary. They view the Genesis account as pure myth.) Surprisingly, it is shown in MAN AND HIS PLANET that the Book of Genesis itself clearly demonstrates that Biblical Creationism is not Biblical. This is done without challenging the integrity of the Bible, as so often happens in opposing arguments.

The Creationists have marshaled a large body of evidence demonstrating the inadequacy of Darwinism to explain the complexity and diversity of life on Planet Earth. But it is typically overlooked by both adherents and skeptics alike that Darwinism and evolution are not the same thing, and the Creationists have not disproved evolution. Moreover, on the basis of both observational and experimental evidence, MAN AND HIS PLANET demonstrates that Darwinism/Natural Selection works to preserve biological species rather than transform them.

The two views are hamstrung by their adherence to fundamentalism. “Biblical fundamentalism” precludes any viewpoint (regardless of evidence) outside of a preexisting mindset that dictates the interpretation of both evidence and the biblical record.

“Science fundamentalism” precludes the interpretation/acceptance of any data/evidence that contradicts Darwinism (“survival of the fittest”). MAN AND HIS PLANET makes this charge abundantly evident.

The initial discussion, as summarized above, is followed by an astonishing picture of earth’s history. Without the burden of false worldviews, it deals at length with incredible natural phenomena in antiquity not previously understood – including natural electrical phenomena recorded in ancient documents, the Bible among them. Such phenomena would not be obvious to the typical anthropologist or historian. But thanks to the author’s electrical engineering background and an unfettered perspective, he has shed a surprising new light on a number of ancient texts.

A number of history’s ancient mysteries and riddles result from such phenomena. Among these are the Origin of Language, The Tower of Babel and the Confusion of Tongues, and Moses’ Burning Bush. These and others are analyzed in MAN AND HIS PLANET, yielding surprising – and fascinating – results.

The message presented in MAN AND HIS PLANET is crucial and timely. This message is not just an exercise in philosophy; rather, it has a relevant meaning for every man, woman and child. It is a message that needs to be heard. The whole truth may be beyond our reach for now, but many of the falsehoods stealing our minds can be readily revealed.

Excerpts from Reviews of
MAN AND HIS PLANET – An Unauthorized History

From Simon Barrett in Book Reviews

When I discovered James Strickling and his new book Man and His Planet I knew that it was on my reading list.

James Strickling has created an interesting and thought provoking book. He has opted to tread in the no-man’s minefield of exploring both sides of the argument. A position that puts him in the ‘cross hairs’ of both sides.

There is a very old saying, there are three versions to every story, there is mine, there is yours, and there is the truth which lays somewhere in the middle. It is that middle that Man and His Planet explores. Some of the themes at first seem well trodden paths, but James Strickling manages to take them in new directions.

Man and His Planet is not one of those tedious 1000 page rambles; it is a compact 216 pages, with another 40 pages of references and index. But within the 216 pages James Strickling manages to cover an enormous amount of ground. Regardless of your position on Creationism or Darwinism this book is well worth reading.

From Tracy Roberts, Write Field Services

Man and his Planet is highly recommended as a book well worth debate, and readers will gain insight into another way of looking at how the earth evolved without feeling like their own beliefs are being judged or ridiculed.

From Kirkus Discoveries, Kirkus Media LLC
His critical investigation of [the] two conventional positions stimulates the reader to revisit the staunch doctrines of their science teachers and/or religious leaders. . . A well-organized, educated and compelling unbiased examination . . . A readable, enjoyable, believable book.

From Tony Panaccio in 360boom e-magazine

Man and His Planet [is] an examination of how science and faith are not mutually exclusive when it comes to how we all got to be here. Strickling is not one of these pop culture academics who has his own newfangled Grand Unified Theory. In fact, based on his resume, it almost feels like he was destined to write this book. “We need to adopt a new world view to adequately understand the history of our planet and its inhabitants,” Strickling said. “My challenge to both evolutionary theory and Biblical Creationism is to demonstrate that – when objectively examined – both can coexist in a world that can ultimately come to accept faith and science as compatible concepts.”

From Pam Hanna, Thoreau, NM
This is an exciting book in that the questions it poses are as intriguing as its conclusions and for the sheer intellectual delight in trying new ideas on for size. I highly recommend it.


From the Author: MAN AND HIS PLANET is a must-read for Judges and textbook committee members involved in the Creation/Evolution issue.