Outside the Box


Since graduating from your childhood Sunday School Classes, are you holding on to your faith by your fingernails? Has your education with all of its intellectual inputs and “scientific facts” caused you to question or outright reject many of the exciting Old Testament stories you studied – such as The Tower of Babel and Moses’ Burning Bush? Whether yes or no, you need to recognize there is much more to these accounts than initially meets the eye.

Perhaps you instead grew up in an environment of skepticism and never really regarded all the old biblical accounts to be anything other than fairy-tales. Many believe that the ancient past can be understood “only in terms of today,” thereby disallowing the unfamiliar and the extraordinary. But when many of the apparently wildly incredible records are properly understood, they no longer appear to be so ridiculous.

Much of the Bible, especially the Old Testament, proves to be troublesome simply because we fail to view a given account within a proper frame of reference. (This is true for believers and skeptics alike.) We must strive to ascertain the recorder’s frame of reference – his true experience. It may be difficult to recognize, but oftentimes the ancient scribes actually tell us more than they knew themselves. And we need to try to extract the hidden truths. This can lead to a much greater appreciation of what they have to tell us and an expanded perception of the world they experienced.

Read more in MAN & HIS PLANET – An Unauthorized History by James E. Strickling,
ISBN: 978-1-60693-099-1.