World Without End

World Without End
New Vistas in Biblical Prophecy


WORLD WITHOUT END is an unusual book that refutes certain popular myths and other long-held misconceptions relating to the Biblical Revelation of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. The true revelation is often obscured by confused chronologies and sensationalized schemes of events—even preempted by popular myths mistakenly accepted as biblical truth.

This confusion is not restricted to complex prophetic symbolism; the literal passages have never been exempt from distortion either. Correctly read, they are sufficiently inclusive to present a reasonably complete sequence of prophetic events without the puzzles presented by obscure symbols. In addition, the veil is lifted from many so-called “problem passages,” and their true significance comes to light.

WORLD WITHOUT END contains facets of prophecy seldom or never before considered, with something new and unexpected for just about everyone. It begins with a look at current events in light of biblical prophecies of the the “birth pangs of the New Age,” emphasizing that the End is not yet in sight. This is followed by an examination of the Jews in prophecy. Surprisingly, some prophecies ascribed to the Jews actually refer to someone else.

The Great Tribulation is examined, and the nature of what follows is compared to the turmoil surrounding the Israelite Exodus from Egypt. God’s wrath literally shakes our entire planet. Finally, on The Day of the Lord, Jesus returns.

Numerous unfamiliar aspects of the Millennial Kingdom are detailed. There follows the Final Judgment, which in turn is followed by the Eternal Kingdom of God on Earth.

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WORLD WITHOUT END is a well-written, well thought out and documented commentary on Biblical end-time prophecies, with the intention of pointing out cultural biases towards certain ideas about how things will play out before the Second Coming of Christ. I found it fascinating and eye-opening, penetrating my own preconceived notions about this subject. I have known Mr. Strickling for many years and know him to be a deep-thinking student of the Bible, an extremely intelligent man who has researched this topic thoroughly and who examines Bible teachings with an open mind. This book deserves more than one reading to let his ideas sink in!

S.C. –  Lilburn, GA