Books by Jesús Amaya, Ph.D. and Evelyn Prado, Ph.D.

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Home Sapiens But Dumber

Early man had a small brain. Over millions of years, humans have developed to the point of today’s mind-boggling achievements. The book Homo Sapiens But Dumber asks: Have we evolved from early man to modern intelligence, only to throw it all away with risky behavior?

Instead of honing our intelligence, many are using alcohol, drugs, and even mind-numbing television to bog down our brains in quicksand. Are we dumbing ourselves backward on the evolutionary scale? How many times have we heard of intelligent people who act foolishly? We know of many celebrities who have destroyed their careers due to a lack of control over their impulses.

Can we develop intelligent intelligence and self-discipline in children so they can avoid self-destructive behavior in our risky world? This book will help parents and educators to help children develop the skills to avoid risky behavior. We may be more intelligent than early man, but we are surely dumber!

Love Brain: Dangerous to Be in Love with the Heart and Not with the Brain

In recent years, couple breakdowns and divorces for mild and superficial reasons have increased. To counter this, it’s time to read Love Brain: Dangerous to Be in Love Only With the Heart and Not With the Brain.

Infidelity, psychological abuse and violence are no longer the most important causes of separation. Incompatibility of character, non-fulfillment of expectations and the disillusionment of seeing her transformed from a princess into a witch and him not transforming from a toad into a prince seem to be the issues. Men and women trying to live out their fantasy with their ideal perfect partner are instead finding disenchantment.

The real problem with relationships is not being incompatible or being the ideal couple, but loving without thinking. We are unaware of how men and women should love and be loved. Love Brain describes how our brains love and provides alternatives to reduce the misunderstandings that lead to divorce.

The book’s goals are to identify the main relationship breakdown causes, to understand the male and female brain love function, and to use effective brain-gender love strategies to prevent and reduce marriage conflicts.

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About the Authors

Evelyn Prado, Ph.D., is a high school counselor at Tecnologico de Monterrey. Jesús Amaya, Ph.D., is full professor of education and school counseling at Universidad de Monterrey. The couple has two sons. They have written 18 books about family, marriage, education, study skills and reading fields. They also provide keynotes, training, and consulting for conferences, schools, businesses and organizations in Mexico and United States.