Never Give Up: How Determination Can Give You a Better Look at Life by Jenny Maher

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Don’t ever tell Jenny Maher that something is impossible. She will prove you wrong! Never Give Up is the inspirational story of her life and her fierce determination to live it on her own terms.

This book tells the story of a girl who was in the system due to her mom’s mental illness as a child. She grew up with neglect and abuse until her 18th birthday, when she was kicked out of her home. With no family to turn to, she lived with a school friend.

With no permanent place to live, she decided to join the Air Force. No matter what she did, the abuse she went through growing up affected her mentally, causing her to be medically discharged for depression and PTSD. As she continued suffering through multiple hardships, the biggest one happened at 34 years old when she woke up paralyzed from the neck down.

On her own, she decided to work as hard as she could to get back as much as possible. With no family willing to help, she was forced to live in the hospital. Dealing with infections, amputation, and abuse Jenny didn’t give up her fight to be in a manual chair and to live independently. When the wound infection behind her calf about 6 inches long exposed ligaments and tendons that were being untreated, she was forced to make the hard decision to fly from Denver to the Memphis spinal cord unit with only two backpacks and praying for better treatment.

Still with no family to turn to for support, she was determined to be as independent as possible. With continued therapy and the will to fight, she was able to get strong enough to drive so she could go back to college, and eventually through determination, to finally after three-and-a-half years live independently, though she continues to fight every day to maintain her independence.

“I wrote this book not to just tell people my story, but to show people who have given up, lost hope, or don’t think they can make it another day to not give up; life is full of obstacles. That’s what makes it interesting. Though I’ve learned as long as I kept moving forward, even if it was baby steps, I was doing well. Even when sometimes I took a few steps back or fell down, I learned with God’s help to get back up and keep moving. I hope the people who read this will find the determination in themselves and not give up.”
By following Jenny’s lead and reading her amazing story, you will learn How Determination Can Give You a Better Look at Life!

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About the Author

Jenny Maher now lives in Richmond, Virginia, where she has bought a house and has two cats, Pouncy and Sly, to love and keep her entertained. Her next book is a murder mystery.