manthei photoJean Marie Manthei was born in the vintage year 1950 and was adopted with her two brothers. Jeannie grew up in the 1950s and 1960s. The nice thing about Jeannie’s story is that she had parents who loved her and didn’t return her to the Cradle when they found she was unusual. A variety of bad experiences at 15 and 16 with drugs and alcohol, Jean decided to go to college instead of pursue chemicals for a hobby. That led her into the field of psychology and eventually to an important interest in drug and alcohol counseling. She graduated from Lone Mountain College in San Francisco in 1973. Ms. Manthei was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 1979. There were a lot of rough years in the 1960s and 1970s before a diagnosis was made. Ms. Manthei felt herself to be a social and work failure in the 1970s, but she did not give up. With the right meds Jeannie stabilized and was able to go on to graduate school in 1988 and finished up her Master’s in Counseling and Human Services at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs in 1992. It still took another 9 years before she received her LPC and CACIII from the state of Colorado. When she quit smoking 9 years ago she turned back to an old hobby of photography and writing and began writing photo recovery books from her journey out of the tobacco Hades of cigarettes. And she immensely enjoyed putting photographs with recovery ideas and thoughts she worked with in her own recovery into these photo books and this blossomed into a recovery series related to cigarettes, but it is also critically tied in with a lot of the addictive beliefs she treats in people with alcohol and drug problems. Ms. Manthei has practiced drug and alcohol counseling in Colorado Springs, CO since 1993.