The Sons of America

Two families are changed forever after two horrific murders. Centering on the lives of the brothers in each family, The Sons of America is an explosive epic that depicts the struggle of modern life in the United States.

The first family lives in a dysfunctional household. A drunk, abusive father terrorizes the two brothers. After suffering for years, and in a moment of self-preservation, the two decide that something must finally be done to protect not only themselves, but their weak and aging mother as well. During an abusive episode the brothers decide to deal with their father once and for all. The murder sets them on a path of self-destruction and they join a group of domestic terrorists.

The second family is a group of Puerto Rican immigrants living in New York. The three central brothers are exposed to the mean life on the streets of New York. After a miscreant murders the oldest brother, the second eldest, Rocco, devotes his life to law enforcement to avenge him.

The lives of both groups of siblings collide as the two patricidal brothers try to outrun justice. Rocco, now an FBI agent, must find them to answer for their crime. Can Rocco bring the killers to justice? This thriller is packed with action and invites readers into a world of urban violence, moral intrigue, and street justice.

From the Heavens

Burgoyne Cover WebFrom the Heavens is a fictional story based on how the author sees religion, God, and such. It tells about a father (God), and his two sons, (Jesus) and (Lucifer), and how one son’s thirst for greed, power, and sin upsets the balance in heaven.

Lucifer, along with his despots, plans to overthrow heaven, but his plan is discovered and thwarted. Lucifer is put on trial, judged, and banished to reign on Earth.

A group of six friends dwell blissfully in the kingdom before Lucifer’s betrayal. The tale follows these friends as they deal with Lucifer’s betrayal, and they are eventually sent to Earth, along with all of mankind to prove their love and worthiness to our Heavenly Father.

This sets up the scene for the final battle. Lucifer, having turned enough souls against God, finally has an army equal to his father’s. With the lust of power to rule heaven and Earth, Lucifer invades the heavenly kingdom, along with his son the Antichrist, setting the stage for the final battle between good and evil

About the Pastor

9781681812700-Burgoyne_CV.inddThe Pastor follows two brothers growing up in Kentucky right before World War II, who go through a spiritual awakening that will affect the rest of their lives. The youngest brother, Elmer, is blessed by God with the spirit of faith healing.

His family suffers a tragedy with the death of their patriarch. During this terrible time, the town’s dynamic new pastor arrives. It is then that Elmer’s gift of healing is unlocked. Pastor Hurst takes Elmer with him on spiritual missions and the two become a formidable team of healers.

When Pearl Harbor breaks out, the eldest brother, Josiah, heeds a calling to join the war effort. He becomes a fighter pilot in England shortly after the Battle of Britain. Elmer stays behind to continue his work with Pastor Hurst.

Josiah’s plane is shot down. He is captured and interred at a German prison camp in eastern Prussia.

Elmer also wants to go to war and argues with the pastor, who wants him to stay home and continue God’s work. Elmer departs for boot camp and becomes a door gunner on a B-17. But he too is shot down and ends up at the same prison camp as his brother.

The camp commandant’s senior guard, known as the “Mad German,” learns of Elmer’s healing powers and pleads for help to heal his son, who has polio. Elmer agrees and uses what little strength he has. The twobrothers match their faith and strength of will against all the odds facing them. Will their faith in God be enough to survive?


The Ten

unnamed (3)The Ten is a collection of ten short stories based on The Ten Commandments.

The collection is broken down into two volumes of five short stories each. The stories range greatly in time periods, ethnic cultures, and subject matter.

Stories in the first volume deal with drug addiction, radical Islam, child molestation and redemption, denying God and the Sabbath Day, and honoring one’s parents.

The subject matter is hard-hitting and is told as realistically as possible. In some cases, stories come from personal experience, but they have been changed a bit to give them more viability in a story format.


About the Author

J. Anson Brandes was born in Denver, Colorado. He grew up and attended high school in Ludington, Michigan, after which he proudly served as a U.S. Marine under President Reagan. He currently lives in Dover, Delaware, where he owns a small business with his son. J. Anson Brandes spent a number of years in law enforcement. He now spends the majority of his time writing; The Sons of America is the author’s first published novel.