The Wall Saga: Purge by James Schwerdel

About the Book

Set in a mythical world known as Purge, that is peopled by fantastical beings and lost or troubled souls from our own world, The Wall Saga is the story of Red, a powerful guardian who’s been struck by amnesia, and heads off on a quest to rediscover who he is.

As he journeys through Purge, a walled fantasy realm where ancient weapons, modern cellphones and advanced robotics exist concurrently, Red begins to unravel a corrupt council in charge of the strange netherworld.

Along the way Red befriends Paige, a female angel who has been sent to help protect Purge from the destructive forces of Captain Hate, a twisted madman who commands an army that’s hell bent on destroying the wall that separates Purge from Earth and launching an invasion.

When Red is captured and sent to a version of Hell known as B-side, it seems as if his quest is at an end. However, while imprisoned Red encounters a figure from his past. Learning at last who he truly is, he concocts a plan to help the people of Purge and repent for his own mistakes. View the Press Release

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About the Author

James Schwerdel is a native of Quebec who first discovered his love for writing when he switched from the French school system to the English one. A former travel industry professional, Schwerdel recently took up writing as a fulltime pursuit. Although The Wall Saga is his first novel he plans to continue the series with a follow-up, set to be titled Crimson. When not writing, James enjoys music, role-playing games and reading.