The Fairytale Thief by James Ellis

About the Book

978-1-62212-376-6-JEllisCoverWhen ten-year-old Anna Sparrow has to leave home during the London Air Raids to live with her grandfather at his remote farmhouse, she has no idea it will be the beginning of an adventure of a lifetime.

Anna wakes up one morning to find her mother and grandfather have somehow become blank-faced, dead-eyed, and unfeeling. Someone has stolen every story they’ve ever read or heard, including the story of their own lives.

So Anna sets out to find a way to save them. Along the way, she meets a cat who isn’t just a cat, finds a house that shouldn’t exist, and ends up in another world that’s ruled by an evil tyrant known as the Emerald Witch.

Will Anna be able to stop The Fairytale Thief?

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JonesCoverWebAbout Tinsel & Heart

The day Tinsel met Heart the dog in the depths of the Great Forest was the day everything changed. It was the day she discovered magic was real, and witches were real, and that true evil really does exist in the world.

It was also the day she realised why her father always told her not to stray too far from home.

About the Author

James EllisJames Ellis is the author of several novels including The Mirrored World, The Enemies of Angels, The Lord of Souls, The Fairytale Thief, The Secret of the Woods, and Tinsel & Heart.

He is also the author of the graphic novel series Modern Days. Occasionally he will write a children’s picture book like The Cat & the Brand New Hat, or a theatre play like A Matter of Light and Darkness, or even a poem for his nephew about reaching the age of three, called “Now You‘re Three.”

But mostly he writes books, long books and short books, books that weren’t meant to exist and books that were supposed to be short stories but somehow got out of hand. If you asked him why he writes he would say, “Because I’m a writer.” One day he plans to write a book that doesn’t have snow in it or any form of tree.