A Warrior’s Tale Series by James A. Swezey

About the Books

The Curse of a Warrior: Book 1 of a Warrior’s Tale

The Kargonian Empire has the Kingdom of Caroth-Nor reeling back from defeat after defeat, and it seems as if Caroth-Nor is quickly approaching its end. The Watchers, self-given guardians and defenders of the realm of Dorm-Ra, have one last plan to avoid utter annihilation.

Two Watchers are attempting to tap into their vast powers to create the ability to teleport people and objects through space. With this new power, the Watchers hope to aid Caroth-Nor, their Order, and stem the mounting tide of death and destruction. However, a raid led by one of Kargon’s most powerful and cunning generals, Lord Gaul, puts an end to such hopes.

During the raid, the surviving Watcher, Shenari, is saved from the hand of Lord Gaul by a traveling entertainer named Gash and his associate, Sqoe. The three of them, accompanied by some Caroth-Nor soldiers, embark on a journey across the war-torn land to reach one of the last remaining Caroth-Nor strongholds: Isharis Keep. Lord Gaul hunts and relentlessly pursues them, as something very precious was stolen from him, and he will do anything to get it back.

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978-1-62857-786-0-JSwezeyCoverDishonor’s Scourge: Book 2 of a Warrior’s Tale

Book 2 of a Warrior’s Tale takes place shortly after the events of the first book.

The Kargonian Empire is furiously pressing their attacks on the remaining strongholds of The Kingdom of Caroth-Nor on all fronts. King Ubisar and his inner circle remain holed up in Isharis Keep, where Archous and Siran are headed to aid in the defense of the King and the Watcher Council against the dreaded onslaught of the Kargonian Army.

In disgrace over his failure to obtain Arznac’s talisman, Lord Gaul has been banished from Overlord Zeinar’s presence as he and the Empress begin their search for the “Great Swords.” Despite this, Lord Gaul continues to operate his own agenda and sets in motion his long awaited plans.

Gash, Sqoe, Shenari, and Naceilia continue to head East across the plains as mercenaries track and endeavor to capture them. Having only a few clues guiding Gash toward his ultimate destination, they weave and wander through jungles and mountains. Against all odds, and even with his comrades questioning where they’re going, Gash doesn’t forget Thor’s final words about what he will find at the end of his journey …

About the Author

James Swezey currently has a career in mental health and is working toward a masters’ degree in industrial and organizational psychology. He has also begun work on the final book of a Warrior’s Tale.