Dream It First by Jacqueline R. Robertson

About the Book

Find the answers you seek in Dream It First: The 80/20 Law to Manifestation of Dreams and Goals. The universal messages in this astounding book center on the mysterious theory of the “80/20 law.”

In today’s society, there is a 20 percent group of successful dreamers and thinkers who understand the workings of the 80/20 positive “spiritual law.” They use it to manage their personal problems, and to achieve their dreams and goals by using only their own resources. Step away from the trivial 80 percent that’s in the dark and become part of the enlightened and vital 20 percent in the world today who have it all!

Dream It First is not simply another how to book that you will find in the psychology, philosophy, spiritual, finance, business or self-help aisles of a book store. However, the compelling messages in this fascinating book can easily be found in any of these venues. There is season for dreaming big that time is now. So dreamers, let’s get started!

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About the Author

Jacqueline R. Robertson is a motivational and business speaker from Highland, California. She is an entrepreneur, licensed real estate broker/paralegal and has worked in the field of occupational therapy for over 25 years. Her published author’s blog on the effect of the 80/20 law in our lives attracts readers daily from around the world.