Novels by Jacqueline Rainey

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Toni’s Blues
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Toni was always choosing the wrong men, following in the footsteps of her mother. This latest one has stripped her of her remaining self-esteem and her sense of who she is as a woman.

“His fists were gone and so was I, lost among the past scenes filled with pleading cries and screams. I had done more than stumble, I fell, I was battered and bruised, I had done more than just fall, I paused and stopped it all; and here in this window is where I landed. Nothing soft about it, an Over the Top Crash landing and I was the wreckage.

“What’s the difference? The floor is still here and I may need more time to remember who I am. Who was I when I loved that man? Who was I when I was crawling around on this floor? Who am I now? All that I used to be had been stripped away except my name. My legs weak, my mouth closed for too long making it hard to speak, but who would hear my words when there is only me?”

Her search for love made her blind to her reality of her choice in men. After being knocked to the floor one last time by her abusive lover, she starts to evaluate her life and the choices she’s made. So begins Toni’s journey to shake the blues. There is nothing more beautiful than knowing your worth.

Through Whose Eyes: Rise, Child of God
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The short-stories in Through Whose Eyes: Rise, Child of God are meant to provoke the reader to think about the journey each character takes. The woman in “Turning Corners” finds herself in jail once again and begins to have revelations about the life she’s been leading. She comes to realize that life as a streetwalker has been holding her back and it keeps her running away from the call of God.

The spiritual character in the story “Clean” is already a woman of God, but her faith is tested and shaken when she is raped. Though she is surrounded by family and loved ones, she chooses to keep it a secret. The woman in “Waiting for God” remembers her journey through the foster system as she seeks a place of safety and searches for God on a church’s stairs.

In the story “My Name Is,” the characters become pretenders, hiding their true emotions behind game faces. They seem unaware that God sees all and loves all. The characters of “Touched” are just that: a spiritual mother who begins losing her faith, even while watching God work through her young daughter to restore spiritual order to their small Southern town. God has always chosen the unexpected!

The story “I Use to Be” mirrors closely the author’s life while struggling with addiction, which strips us of our self-respect, our families and our faith. “These stories are reflections of my personal struggles and my victories.”