Good Readings by Jacinta Lawson

About the Book

Set in the United States and Antigua in the 1980s and early 1990s, Good Readings contains eight short stories, both serious fiction and horror. The characters come from all walks of life; they are nice, corrupt, caring, hateful, and destructive. In other words, they run the gamut.

In “Ma3o,” Frank works late one night at Medix and becomes inquisitive. He starts going into laboratories he had never been in before. When he spies a blackened window with a glowing blue button on it, he pushes the button.

“Vanessa” buys the bread for her family. The storeowner where she shops has a mean dog, but on this day, no one is in the store. A black woman named “Millen” plans to seduce a man to have a white baby so it will have everything she never did. In “Heat Attack,” Ben tries to survive 150-degree heat walking to his car.

Two mummies arise from their tomb to cause “Chaos and Destruction.” Meanwhile, a haunted house on a desolate hill plays prominently in the short story “Rhythm.” A 15-year-old named “Rebecca” discovers that schizophrenia runs in her family. And in the final story, “Geo,” who was born in Antigua, moves to America and wins the lottery.

Share in the excitement, horror and discovery that make these short stories Good Readings.

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About the Author

Jacinta Lawson lives in New York City.