I’m Bully Free Fundraiser by Author Sherrill S. Cannon

ordernowWelcome to the SBPRA Fundraiser for imbullyfree.org!  SBPRA will donate 50% of the cost of Sherrill S. Cannon’s children’s books when purchased through this site!

We are happy to partner with the imbullyfree.org, founded by Veteran Bud Collier, to help prevent bullying and encourage support for those who are bullied. “Bully Bear Speaks the Truth” is dedicated to the memory of his daughter, Kandice Collier, and all other children that have died as of the result of bullying. It is a 501c3 non profit organization called Imbullyfree.org.  The Mission Statement and goal of this organization is to provide support & raise awareness in schools that have declared a commitment to creating and maintaining a Bully Free, safe and secure environment.

downloadI’m Bully Free has schools, universities, corporations, and supporters around the world!  Their stakeholders include schools, students, teachers and community members that work together to ensure that everyone feels respected, safe, and valued. Is your child being BULLIED by another student or staff member?  Is the School District helping the situation?  We can help!  Call us at 713-478-3049.  We will help!

Tools to Help with Bullying – Please Check with imbullyfree.org for help with the following:

•   I’m Bully Free General Info

•   Tips for Students and Parents to Stop Bullying

•   My Child is Being Bullied

•   What to Do When Bullying Continues or Gets Worse

I’m Bully Free Services

•   Encourage all members of the community (schools, community leaders, youth, parents, businesses, churches, youth organizations, and out-of-school programs) to advocate for children being bullied by promoting bullying prevention and awareness at every opportunity.

•   Coordinate community-wide activities and events for youth that reinforce the anti-bullying message.

•   Support school-based bullying prevention initiatives.

•   Support anti-bullying legislation.

•   Advocate for increased funding for bullying-related research and prevention

•   There is clear evidence that school action and a recognized I’m Bully Free anti-bullying program can dramatically reduce the incidence of bullying!

Sherrill S. Cannon’s “Manners” Books – The Magic Word, Gimme-Jimmy, and Manner-Man are directly linked to anti-bullying and consideration for others.  Manner-Man is proud to be the “Poster Child” for Anti-Bullying for kids… Look inside for your own Superhero!!!


My Fingerpaint Masterpiece

My Fingerpaint Masterpiece

My Fingerpaint Masterpiece is the newest release and deals with perspective, perception and self-esteem as a child fingerpaints artwork in class, and later discovers it as part of the town’s Art Contest. It has received several 5-star Reviews including 2014 Readers Favorite, and has just won a Pinnacle Achievement Award.

ISBN 978-1-62857-288-9 – $12.50




Winner of the 2014 Reviewers Choice Award and Winner of the 2014 Los Angeles Book Festival, as well as a 2013 Readers Favorite Silver Medal, a Pinnacle Achievement Award, and H.M. in the London Book Fair and Rebecca’s Reads Awards.

Manner-Man is a Superhero who helps children cope with bullies, and teaches them how to look within themselves for their own superhero.

ISBN 978-1-62212-478-7 – $12.50

Gimme-Jimmy 5 Awards

Gimme-Jimmy 5 Awards

Winner of five awards: the 2013 Global eBook Silver Medal, Indie Excellence Finalist and Reader Views Finalist Awards as well as the 2012 Readers Favorite Silver Medal Award and the 2012 Pinnacle Achievement Winner Award

Gimme-Jimmy is about how a bully learns to share. His “New Polite Rule” helps him learn to make friends.

ISBN 978-1-61897-267-5 – $13.00

The Magic Word - 6 Awards

The Magic Word – 6 Awards

Winner of six awards: the 2011 Readers Favorite Gold Medal, 2011 Pinnacle Achievement Award Winner, 2011 Global Finalist Award, 2012 Reader Views Second Place, 2012 International Book Awards Finalist, and 2012 Next Generation Indie Finalist.

Elisabeth needs to learn The Magic Word “please”, and to use it every day. Please and Thank you are words that everyone needs to use!

ISBN 978-1-6096-909-3 – $12.50

Peter and the Whimper-Whineys

Peter and the Whimper-Whineys

Winner of the 2011 Readers Favorite Bronze Medal and the 2011 USA Best Books Finalist Award

Peter and the Whimper-Whineys helps parents cope with whining, disguised as a fun story. Peter is a rabbit who whines all the time, and might have to join the Whimper-Whineys.

ISBN 978-1-60911-517-3 – $13.00


Santa's Birthday Gift

Santa’s Birthday Gift

Winner of the 2011 Readers Favorite Silver Award and the 2011 Indie Excellence Finalist Award.

Santa’s Birthday Gift includes Santa in the Christmas story.
(After reading a story of the nativity to my granddaughter, she asked
“But where’s Santa?”)

ISBN 978-1-60860-824-9 – $11.50