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“I am a lady in my early thirties, sexy, witty and adventurous, slim and tall. I am in search of a Caucasian man in his forties or early fifties, who is not looking for a LTR but for a lady friend to enjoy fantasy trials with. Write to me; a (no-nude) photo would be appreciated.”

It seemed too good to be true. He responded to discover everything was contrary to what was stated. Four major episodes unfolded, with varying degrees of pleasure and pain. As deep-seated eroticism took hold, the idea, description and testing of a “pet” assumed significance. It was a concept he had never heard of.

Adrianna and John meet online. She’s a dark, smooth-skinned Kenyan. He’s a European. There’s an almost instant recognition of adventure, exploration, and teasing the dark side of sexual experience. The two find themselves on a journey that spans four phases of experience. The first and second falter, the third is tempestuous. The last sees them recognizing what does and does not work in such a personally risky endeavor.

Ian Hunter spent his formative years in Germany and Scotland. As an adult, he has lived and worked in England, Scotland, Malawi, Tanzania, New York, Ethiopia, and Kenya. An international development consultant, this is his eighth book.

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In today’s e-erotic era, e-Love is an emotional and sexy novel about relationships in the electronic age. Can true love flourish through e-mails on the Internet?

John and Simone meet in cyberspace after she answers his personal ad on Yahoo about his autobiographical writing. The two fall madly in e-Love, sharing sensual and later, erotic e-mails. But the true test will come when they see if their long-distance relationship will work when they finally meet. Will they hit it off in person? Does e-Love translate into real-life emotion?

A meeting is set between John and Simone to see if sparks will fly, and to find out if their e-Love is e-eternal.

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Adults looking for something different on the erotic landscape should check out the sensual, seductive, and steamy novel of their e-Dreams.

The second book of a trilogy, e-Dreams enters the next stage of a man’s sexual journey in this emotionally charged novel. Ian Hunter’s first book, e-Love, left his character John hungry for a second cyber relationship. This time when John reviews the Yahoo Personals, he spots a potential kindred spirit in Nathalie, who introduces John not only to the extremes of eroticism, but also ensnares him in the Web of pornography.

Together, John and Nathalie reach the highest levels on the e-rotic scale. Read it if you dare!

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In today’s world, where most everything is handled over the Internet, even love affairs can be conducted online and taken to stunning conclusions.

The fascinating new novel e-World is the third book in an e-trilogy about John, who has had two previous cyber relationships. He now ventures into the e-World of potential reality, when he meets Madeleine, a much younger colleague from Azerbaijan. Since John lives in New York, the couple starts an e-relationship, where they delve into lust over the Internet.

So much excitement is generated by their emails that they plan to meet in London. Can the real thing be half as exciting as what they already have online? Join John and Madeline as they find out.

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Three Interludes

In the electronic world we live in, everything – including love – seems to take place on the Internet.

In Ian Hunter’s fourth novel, Three Interludes, John has been in his e-World relationship with Madeleine for two years. They have reached a point where they plan to meet, three times. These are the Three Interludes.

John is mature, experienced and a self-confessed sensualist, based in New York City. Madeleine is much younger, lives in Baku, Azerbaijan, and attracts John with her vivacious personality and voluptuous appearance. Both are ready to further explore their e-relationship.

The question is, will the planned meetings actually happen, given the distances involved? If so, will their Three Interludes fulfill their deepest desires? There are surprises.

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The Early Years

In his Early Years, John is walking down a road with his German grandfather in post-war Berlin. At six years old, he moves to the UK, goes to school and finds himself challenged in various ways.

When he is almost eighteen, he runs away from what purports to be home. Education eludes him for a long time. As adulthood takes over, relationships come and go.

John moves overseas. He does quite well in his working life; less so personally. Depression comes and goes, as does determination and self-help. But the ultimate support comes from a surprising source, which starts a whole new story: his later years!

The book, which conveys three stages to John’s life, is an attempt to understand the external forces that buffeted this being. How he responded impacted himself, and inevitably others, most of whom were innocent participants in this particular journey. The fundamental assertion, however, is that the past bears heavily on the future.

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Love’s Anatomy

Helena and John fall madly and desperately in love. It is that worst of all worlds: love at a distance. Things move on. Changes are made. Meetings come and go. The oscillating feelings both clarify and confuse.

Geographical moves convey commitment that forge new dynamics. They generate the elation and agony of blind love. It is a heady concoction.

There is a final stage as the relationship climbs into a tempestuous phase of passion and other things. The anatomy of love is the sheer range of emotion and desire possible between two people.

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978-1-62516-721-7-IHunterCoverConversations is the culmination of the author’s journey of exploration, leading toward a crescendo of greater self-understanding. His journey has lasted 15 years; the results of which are his seven novels The Early Years, e-Love, e-Dreams, e-World, Three Interludes, Love’s Anatomy, and his final book Conversations.

Travel with author Ian Hunter as he shares his self-examination of life and love and erotica, and where this has ultimately taken him. His character John feels the same way after 14 years of writing. Finally closing in on his last book title, Love’s Anatomy, a story John has proof-read time and again, bringing back all the elation and anguish of blind love. When he finished, he thought there was “not a germ of desire left inside my frame.”

John finds himself drifting into a series of Conversations to obliterate the pain of emotional failure. He recognizes even more about himself than he understood in his earlier books. This last conversation takes him full circle, to where his journey started.

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About the Author

Ian Hunter is a consultant, moving between New York, Edinburgh, and now, Nairobi. He started life in West Berlin, then the British sector of West Germany, moved to Scotland, worked in Scotland and England, and then Southeast Asia and New York, before experiencing East Africa.

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