Henri Eyo

Wealth and Power

Hogan, who had been eavesdropping behind the door, landed a direct punch to the attacker’s face, flattening his nostrils. The impact sent the man back into the room he had just left. Hogan took a step into the room, closing the door behind him with a kick. He then threw a volley of punches into the man’s face, dislodging his jawbone.

Suddenly a bullet pierced the window and shattered the dresser mirror. Crime-fighter Hogan Ambo dove for cover with his pistol he calls ‘Betola’ in hand. “You’d better stay where you are. Lie flat on the floor,” he ordered Shade Mayfield as more gunfire erupted and bullets showered the room. Roger lay dead in Shade’s hotel suite. A bullet had penetrated his heart.

In the exciting crime thriller, Wealth and Power, Tony Mayfield is worth several billion Nigerian Nairas dead or alive. A car manufacturing industrialist, Mayfield has a penchant for attractive young ladies. While on a diamond dust trip to furnish his products in South Africa, he is kidnapped for a huge ransom by the Vipers for not agreeing to their drug deal. Shade, one of Mayfield’s wives, is up to her neck in deceit, in this dangerous case that Hogan Ambo is tasked to unravel.

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Shatter the Destroyer

The debut novel from Nigerian author Henri Eyo, Shatter the Destroyer is a provocative thriller that is as informative as it is captivating.

Judas Toro is a fraudulent business tycoon who enters politics to amass even more wealth at the expense of the Nigerian people. However his ambitions begin to get out of hand when he put his own interests above those of the nation’s. Eventually Toro’s reckless attitude leads to his activities straying from being merely corrupt to violent. Using his cruiser as a mobile base of operations, the would-be politician carries out a series of criminal atrocities in Nigerian territorial waters.

To put a stop to Toro’s terrorist activities, the Commissioner of Police dispatches Sanayak Ambo, a point man for the National Intelligence Agency (NIA). Assigned to the Joint Task Force, Ambo is charged with stopping the vicious cycle that’s been set in motion by the terrorist Toro. However Ambo quickly realizes that he will need to call on all of his experience and expertise in order to successfully carry out operation Shatter the Destroyer.

Although it is a thrilling work of fiction, Shatter the Destroyer contains elements of truth to it and is a reflection of the volatile situation that exists in many African nations today.

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About the Author

Henri Eyo

Henri Eyo was born in Minna, Nigeria and then later taken to London, where he studied journalism and obtained a diploma. After returning to Nigeria he worked as a journalist and at the Ministry of Information. He went on to study law and earned an LL. B. When not writing or working, he enjoys photography, swimming and surfing the Internet. Shatter the Destroyer is among his first manuscripts to be published.