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The title of the hilarious new book pretty much says it all: The Adventures of Bosco and His Pals, Not-so-Pals, Enemies, and Neutral Official Bodies: A story without any moral whatsoever, with no admirable characters, and no conclusion.

A group of aliens called Frakas paid a visit to Earth long ago. For some reason, the humans began to worship the aliens and commit acts of violence against each other, including ritualistic sacrifice. The Frakas enjoy their stay on Earth, except for one of them named Indrid, who is repulsed by everyone’s behavior, especially a Frakas named Bosco. Without warning, Indrid takes off in the only spacecraft, stranding the rest of his crew on Earth for many years.

Bosco and Indrid are later captured by a species called Boticellis, who sentence them for their crimes on Earth to jail on the dreadful planet of Gluto. The two are miserable and can’t stop arguing with each other for a minute. They soon annoy everybody at the prison and get booted out. But this is just the beginning of their story …

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The Adventures of Markus Waffler

The hilarious sci-fi romp The Adventures of Markus Waffler takes place on the planets of Mabog and Calypso.

Calypso is a beautiful but dangerous planet inhabited by toxic, intelligent plants. The Mabogians, who live on the neighboring planet of Mabog, can’t decide what to do with these plants, which from time to time swarm Mabog’s cities with spores that can dissolve whole buildings into liquid goop. A military organization is set up by the Mabogians to fight the plants.

Markus Waffler has just graduated (or rather flunked) school. He is only 121 years old, a fairly young age for a Mabogian. He seems to not be very good at anything in particular and ends up being drafted into the military to fight Calypso’s plants.

On Calypso, Markus meets Dr. Murke, a strange man who seems to be meeting with someone or something in the forest every day. What in the world (of Calypso) is happening? Will Markus finally succeed at something or will these wicked weeds get the best of him?

About the Author

Helen Rusinoff grew up in Russia, and now works as a digital artist in Carlsbad, California.